Sower CommuniTech is an initiative by The Bible Society of Singapore that provides
Digitalisation and Media services to help meet the future needs of the Christian Community.

In the age of rapid technological advancement, The Bible Society of Singapore (BSS) has been gearing towards digitalisation to reach the hearts of the young with the Word of God. Aside from creating online platforms for community engagement, BSS also endeavours to help churches by streamlining their administrative processes and ministry through the use of technology. As such, BSS has launched Sower CommuniTech—Digitalisation and Media Services, to meet the future needs of the Christian Community.

Nationwide Church Procurement Platform

BSS has partnered with ThunderQuote to create a Nationwide Church Procurement Platform, which all local churches may utilise for their various ministries and other needs. Find reliable vendors or services, and get your 3 quotes easily with your FREE basic account today!

*Each church has been given a Master account. To begin using this platform, simply register with your official church email and phone number under an administrative staff from your church.

Nationwide Church Procurement Platform Webinar

Managing a church’s procurement efforts can be a daunting task. Between keeping track of church expenses while also enforcing transparency and accountability, many are left wondering if there’s an easier way.

Join us for the launch of the BSS-TQ National Church Procurement Platform with our introductory Webinar!

This FREE webinar will cover:

  • How to claim and use your church's National Church Procurement account for free.
  • Overcoming common challenges in setting up and implementing digital procurement in your organisation.
  • Procurement and purchasing key decisions and best practices to consider for your church procurement.
  • E-Procurement as a part of your church digital transformation roadmap.


Date: 10 Sep (Thurs), 22 Sep (Tues)

Time: 3 – 4pm (GMT +8)


As part of our efforts to help the Christian community move towards digitalisation during this COVID-19 Pandemic, BSS collaborated with ThunderQuote to provide SecureMeet—An online booking system for churches and online AGM solution.

Online Booking System

In Phase 2, churches are allowed to gather to worship with a gradual increasing allowance.
This booking system will help facilitate safe online booking of appointments and the actual day registration too!

*Note: The basic tier account is free for Churches to use. Terms & Conditions apply.

AGM Online System

Thinking of how to hold your church AGM online? SecureMeet is the solution for you!
Together with Thunderquote, we have special promotions deals for your organisation (valid for churches only)

*ThunderQuote is conducting webinars to introduce how the Online Booking System and AGM MeetUp works. Click the button below to find out more!

Church PayNow Custom QR Code Generator

Want to insert your church's/organisations’s logo into the PayNow QR code?
Instead of paying to create a customised QR code, here is a free customised generator for you to use!