2017 marks the 180th year that the Bible Society has been faithfully making God’s Word available and known in Singapore and many other nations. Encouraged by faithful men such as Rev Dr Robert Morrison and Sir Stamford Raffles, it was instituted by the British and Foreign Bible Society on 4 July, 1837. Since then, God has graciously preserved the Society through various challenges, and expanded its scope and impact to what it is today.

Over the years, the persuasion that the Society should have a permanent home of its own grew increasingly stronger. This finally came into being when a site at Armenian Street was purchased with funds from the British and Foreign Bible Society on 15 November 1907. While it has been rebuilt twice and underwent numerous changes according to the evolving needs of the Society and the world it serves, its purpose remains the same: to make the Word of God known to all people.

In 2017, The Bible Society of Singapore is holding a year-long celebration to praise God for the past 180 years of His faithfulness. It is our prayer that He will continue to use the Society as His instrument, till all the nations are filled with the knowledge of His glory!

Watch Our Story

Watch the complete story of the Bible Movement - from Wales, to Singapore and beyond!

Ever wondered how the Bible House ended up in the heart of the city? It all started 110 years ago...

Watch the moving testimonies of those who have gone on Bible Mission Trips to serve the needy...

2017 marks 180 years of The Bible Society of Singapore, but how did it all begin?

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We're so thankful for everyone who helped us celebrate 180 years of God's faithfulness - our volunteers, artistes and friends both from Singapore and beyond our shores!

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