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Making the Bible Available

The Bible Society works to make the Bible available to the nations through the work of translating and publishing Bibles and various Scripture resources into the heart language of people around the world.

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Making the Bible Accessible

We are working to make the Bible accessible to those around us through Bible distribution efforts, as well as by enabling people to read through supporting literacy programmes in South East Asia and beyond.

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Making the Bible Credible

For those who already have access, we work to make the Bible credible through a variety of engagement programmes - like classes and conferences - and advocacy work - such as our many lectures with ETHOS Institute.

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    In Ukraine, One Girl Found Hope in Tragic Circumstances

    Iaroslava clung to God’s Word amidst abandonment, addiction and poverty... [ Read More ]

    7 October, 2016 by webmasterW

  • image

    Alone on the Streets of Uganda, One Boy Found Healing in God’s Word

    How a young boy turned to Scripture to overcome a traumatic past... [ Read More ]

    5 October, 2016 by webmasterW

  • image

    Scripture Soothes a Hurting Teenager’s Heart in Cambodia

    Excited to have her own Bible, a 15-year-old learns more about God... [ Read More ]

    4 October, 2016 by webmasterW

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    What Happens When a Village Gets the Bible in its Heart Language?

    It took 20 years of work for them to get a Beembe Bible – but when they did, they showed us how to party… [ Read More ]

    29 September, 2016 by webmasterW

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    Family Seminar

    How can singles prepare for marriage and parenting? What if I'm irritated by my spouse? Should grandparents discipline? How do I properly praise my kids? [ Read More ]

    7 October, 2016 by webmasterW

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    Reformation Day Conference 2016

    Solus Christus (in Christ alone) was one of the "pillars of the Reformation." Many in the pre-Reformation Church had lost sight of the biblical truth [ Read More ]

    6 October, 2016 by webmasterW

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    GBC Reformation Concert 2016

    Grace Baptist Church is in the midst of a rebuilding effort of their premises at 17 Mattar Road. As part of the fundraising efforts, GBC [ Read More ]

    6 October, 2016 by webmasterW

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    Power Camp 2016

    FCA Power Camp is back again! Join us for 4 days of fun and intense non-residential sports camp with inspiring coaches!  Power Camp is a [ Read More ]

    25 August, 2016 by webmasterW

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