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Making the Bible Available

The Bible Society works to make the Bible available to the nations through the work of translating and publishing Bibles and various Scripture resources into the heart language of people around the world.

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Making the Bible Accessible

We are working to make the Bible accessible to those around us through Bible distribution efforts, as well as by enabling people to read through supporting literacy programmes in South East Asia and beyond.

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Making the Bible Credible

For those who already have access, we work to make the Bible credible through a variety of engagement programmes - like classes and conferences - and advocacy work - such as our many lectures with ETHOS Institute.

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    Orphans Meet Jesus

    Jeremiah was a small boy when his mother died. But he was old enough to feel his heart breaking... [ Read More ]

    30 March, 2017 by webmasterW

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    Sending Out God’s Word and Hope—Furthering Missions Beyond Our Shores

    The Bible House is more than just a building; it is built to further missions in Singapore and beyond—making God’s Word a living hope to [ Read More ]

    28 February, 2017 by webmasterW

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    To God Be the Glory—Impacting the Nations with God’s Word

    When the determined 15-year-old Mary Jones trekked 42km barefooted to buy a Bible, little did she realise that her love for the Word of God [ Read More ]

    3 February, 2017 by webmasterW

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    Children Find Hope Through Trauma Healing Ministry

    "I had the opportunity to discover that I can always confide in God. With my brothers and my sister... we began to put our trust [ Read More ]

    16 December, 2016 by webmasterW

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    Reformation and its Continuing Relevance

    The Reformation in 16th century Europe is a unique story of major social upheaval, fascinating characters, fierce debates, and devastating conflict. It is also a [ Read More ]

    5 April, 2017 by webmasterW

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    National Christian Children Ministry Conference 2017: Whose Child is This?

    The Singapore Centre for Global Missions is glad to announce that along with our partners, TRAC Board of Children Ministry, the 4/14 Window Movement and the Diocese of Singapore Mission Board, we [ Read More ]

    3 April, 2017 by webmasterW

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    Bethel Music Live in Asia

    Bethel Music is coming to Asia for a special Worship Nights Tour! We desire to partner with what God is doing in your city and [ Read More ]

    3 February, 2017 by webmasterW

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    Believer Music Courses 2017

    Play Music for Real! Enjoy 12% Discount off Music Lessons at Believer Music! Believer Music is the leading executive music training centre in Singapore. Featuring state-of-the-art [ Read More ]

    16 December, 2016 by webmasterW

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