Bible House

We thank God for His manifold blessings upon the Bible House for the past 110 years!

Design Concept
The inspiration for the design came from the very core of what we do: the Bible.

This description was originally written by the architects and can be found here.

The Bible comprises 2 parts, namely the Old and New Testaments. In between them was the time when Jesus Christ lived on Earth. In the design of Bible House, we similarly divided the site into 2 main zones and facade treatments.

During the Old Testament era, people were governed in their faith by the law. This law was very structured, which is why we portray the south elevation with the solid masonry wall and small tear-shaped openings. In contrast, the New Testament is represented by a glass curtain wall on the North-East facade, symbolising openness and direct relationship with Jesus Christ.

The death of Christ on the cross is the pivotal event in Christianity. This is represented the blood-red wall that runs the length of the building. This wall is purposefully made visible through the glass facade.