Bible Mission Sunday

Why should your church be involved in the Bible Mission?

  1. The Word of God is central to the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
  2. Singapore’s unique Antioch calling in Asia means that we have a part to play in the continuation of the Bible Mission legacy.
  3. Tap into the infrastructure and capabilities of the regional network of national Bible societies that have been established to sustain your long term ministry/ mission work.

Bible Mission Sunday Programme

By dedicating one of your church Sunday services as Bible Mission Sunday, BSS can partner your church to advance the Bible Mission in many ways.

Our Bible Mission Sunday programme is as follows:

  • Corporate Video
  • Preaching Engagement (Optional)
  • Book Table Partnership & Friends of the Bible (FOTB) Club: Scripture resources available at special rates.
  • Second Offering (Optional)

BSS will be happy to work with your church leadership to plan a Bible Mission Sunday event catered to the needs of your congregation.

Coveting your prayer & involvement in the Bible Mission

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