Empowerment for Effective Self-Care

According to the World Health Organization, mental health is not so much an absence of mental disorders, but rather a state of well-being in which one realises his own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, and can contribute fruitfully in work and to his community. It is very much an integral part of one’s overall health.

From a Christian standpoint, mental health is our ability to complete our mission within the kingdom of God, both alone and in our community. Mental wellness is fundamental to the mission of the Church. As such, actions to promote and protect not just our own mental health, but also of those around us, is imperative. 

Join us for this series of Mental Wellness Programme focusing on Empowerment for Effective Self-Care. These sessions aim to empower individuals and families in promoting awareness of mental health issues and in adopting effective methods to manage and care for yourself and the people around you.

Session 1: Anxiety
Understanding anxiety as a normal emotional state and when it becomes a problem
Date/Time: 20 Jan 2021 ˙ 7.30pm-9pm
Venue: via ZOOM

Session 2: Emotion Regulation
Adopting effective anxiety management techniques
Date/Time: 03 Feb 2021 ˙ 7.30pm-9pm
Venue: via ZOOM

Session 3: Self-compassion
Embracing and reparenting ourselves in the midst of our challenges with loving kindness (struggling to be kind to ourselves)
Date/Time: 24 Feb 2021 ˙ 7.30pm-9pm
Venue: via ZOOM

Session 4: Anxiety and Interpersonal Relationships
Identifying how anxiety causes challenges in our relationships and vice versa
(e.g. how anxiety can affect parenting style)

Date/Time: 10 Mar 2021 ˙ Time: 7.30pm-9pm
Venue: via ZOOM