Sower Publishing Centre

The Sower Publishing Centre is the publishing arm of The Bible Society of Singapore. Making God’s Word available is the heart of our Publishing mission. Not only do we publish Bibles, we also provide Scripture resources for outreach purposes as well as tailor Bibles and books to suit specific needs. We have partnered various churches and organisations to produce Scriptures and Christian related books in different languages both locally and in the region.


Design and Production

We serve the Church and its Scriptural needs - transforming your texts, photos and ideas into professional-looking publications and books.

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Customisation Services

We can customise a Bible or book to mark a special milestone in your church or organisation, catering to your specific needs.

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We develop new resources as eBooks to appeal to the new generation of readers and engage them with the Word of God.

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Outreach Resources

We produce Scripture resources that reach out to pre-believers.

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Adorable drawings depicting the relationship between the Shepherd and his Sheep.

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Lent Devotional

These daily readings for the Lenten season will help us prepare for Easter and connect with the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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In 2012, St Andrew’s Cathedral commissioned us to produce and print a special bilingual Bible to mark their 150th anniversary.

“St Andrew’s Cathedral is very thankful to The Bible Society of Singapore in the printing of our 150th anniversary ESV-RCUV bilingual Bible in year 2012. The leaders and staff of Bible Society have been very helpful, efficient and supportive in the whole planning and publishing process. We appreciate this partnership together.”  

-- Revd John Lin, Priest, St Andrew’s Cathedral


In year 2008, we were commissioned by a local church to produce The Story of Jesus comic in Tetum language. Thousands of copies were mass distributed to children in Timor Leste.

“We gave them out one by one as everyone seemed to want a copy and were crowding round the people distributing them. The booklets were fantastic for us and seemed like an answered prayer. In fact, it was. Thank you very much.”

-- Hwei Fen, Chairman, Missions Committee, Living Hope Methodist Church

St Andrew’s Cathedral commissioned us to produce and print the “Gospel of John” portion for outreach purpose in 2009 with a second reprint in 2011.

“The Sower Publishing Centre, the publishing arm of Bible Society of Singapore continues today its work on the premise that God keeps His promise, “my word... that goes out from my mouth... shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose.” (Is 55:11) Our experience of printing “Gospel of John” portions customised with summary of the Gospel, Response Form and Service details has been most fruitful and satisfactory with economical, quality finish and friendly portions that are displayed at and available for enquirers at the Cathedral Welcome Centre.”

-- Revd Canon Louis Tay, Associate Vicar, St Andrew’s Cathedral

The Methodist Church in Singapore commissioned the Sower Publishing Center to publish a commemorative book  “Days of Darkness Days of Light” in 2015 to mark the 70th Anniversary of the official end of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore.

"Writing, editing and publishing a book is never a simple job and having good editing, designing and printing support means that the whole publishing process is made less stressful. In engaging Sower Publishing Centre for our recent project, we received exactly what was needed to make it work and importantly to meet the deadline; all thanks to their team consisting of Director, Sub-Editor and Designer. You can definitely depend on Sower Publishing Centre!"

-- Jenny Ng, Manager Archives & History Library, The Methodist Church in Singapore