NextGen Ministries

Our NextGen Ministries aim to equip the Church in Singapore to raise up the next generation to be firm in their faith and devoted to the Word. We accomplish this through:

Regular seminars and workshops addressing the key issues that face those working with children & youth

Public programmes that engage children and youth in fun and exciting ways

Providing networking opportunities and valuable resources to pastors and ministry leaders

The NextGen Ministry is a part of the Centre for Advocacy, Relations and Engagement (CARE).
Our seminars are conducted in partnership with the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore (EFOS).

Watch the Keynote Speaker, Joseph Chean, from our NextGen Seminar 'Rich Church in a Poor World'

NextGen/Children Events

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Previous Events


If you are a parent of preschool or primary school children or are serving in the children's ministry, this event is for you.

Come Play With Me!

Besides busy schedules and hectic lives, parents are contending with technology and social media for their children’s attention.


Come join us in this upcoming Fresh Eyes on The Missional Family conversation and hear from the panel of speakers as they share about their journeys in serving God together with their families.


Following the successful NextGen online conversation held last October, we now present Fresh Eyes on Online Tools for Children's Ministry


Faith Conversations

Interactive discussion with Morgan ZhouQuek Shiwei, and Ps Ben KC Lee on how to address today's concerns with young people.

Telling the Story

Dr Calvin Chong shared live demonstrations of Tandem Storytelling and Text Mapping teaching methods.

Rich Church in a Poor World

Joseph Chean and panellists discussed the many avenues the Church can take to minister to the vulnerable children and youths in Singapore.

Apologetics for the Goodbye Generation

Dr Craig Hazen and Dr Clay Jones explained how parents & leaders can use apologetics to strengthen faith and evangelism by offering a defense of Christianity using reason, logic, and evidence.

Are We Losing the Next Generation?

Dr Calvin Chong and panellists discussed how to impart Biblical truths to the next generation so that they become rooted and grounded in the faith.

Are We Reaching the Next Generation?

Dr Norman Wong, Charleston Lim, and Ps Sam Phun discussed the principles of building a youth ministry and equipping children & youth to become leaders.

GoForth 2023


Video Resources

Free Downloads

Audio: Are We Reaching the Next Generation?

Keynote speech, panel discussion, and Q&A session from the June 2016 talk with Dr Norman Wong, Charleston Lim, and Ps Sam Phun

Download the audio recordings

Youth Ministry Realities in Singapore

Dr Calvin Chong's compilation of goals, strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities for youth ministries in SG (Apr 2016)

Download the report

2015 National Children & Youth Survey

Findings from the nationwide survey conducted in 2014/2015 to understand the current state of ministry to SG’s children & youth

Download the report

2015 National Children & Youth Survey PPT

Findings from the nationwide survey conducted in 2014/2015 to understand the current state of ministry to SG’s children & youth

Download the ppt file

Rethinking Discipleship

Here2Stay presentation from Terry Williams

Download the ppt file

Here2Stay 10 Pillars

Here2Stay resource from Terry Williams

Download the report

Here2Stay Take-Home Cards

Here2Stay resource from Terry Williams

Download the cards

Stickey Faith Poll

Survey presentation of the Faith Journey of young people in Singapore

Download the ppt file

NextGen Materials

Colours of the Bible Journal

This journal features art pieces from past participants, monthly planners, encouraging verses, space for monthly prayers & thanksgivings, and the WISE Bible reading plan.

Get your copy at BRC@Armenian today!