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Making the Bible Available

The Bible Society works to make the Bible available to the nations through the work of translating and publishing Bibles and various Scripture resources into the heart language of people around the world.

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Making the Bible Accessible

We are working to make the Bible accessible to those around us through Bible distribution efforts, as well as by enabling people to read through supporting literacy programmes in South East Asia and beyond.

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Making the Bible Credible

For those who already have access, we work to make the Bible credible through a variety of engagement programmes - like classes and conferences - and advocacy work - such as our many lectures with ETHOS Institute.

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    Becoming All Things to All People

    As Paul sought to “become all things to all people that... [he] might save some”, we pursue the same goal: that people may know God [ Read More ]

    27 February, 2018 by webmasterW

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    Giving Thanks for the Life of Billy Graham: ‘A Man after God’s Own Heart’

    “The Christian community in Singapore laments the passing of a beloved great servant leader and yet celebrates a spiritual giant..." [ Read More ]

    23 February, 2018 by webmasterW

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    Tasting and Sharing God’s Truth Across the Lands

    The motivation of the Great Commission is to personally experience the goodness of knowing God. [ Read More ]

    29 January, 2018 by webmasterW

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    Doing More for the Lord as a Global Mission Agency

    2017 was a year filled with meaning and significance for the Bible Society... [ Read More ]

    19 December, 2017 by webmasterW

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    GoForth 2018

    Mark your calendar now to attend GoForth National Missions Conference 2018! Held every three to four years, this conference aims at equipping participants for effective [ Read More ]

    2 February, 2018 by webmasterW

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    Believer Music Courses 2018

    Start 2018 BRAND NEW on the right note. Mankind exists to worship the Almighty. Sign up for a course at Believer Music and let us [ Read More ]

    16 December, 2016 by webmasterW

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