Bible Mission Trips

Our Bible Mission Trips are specially organised to be meaningful - to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be involved in Bible Missions and to go on short-term mission trips.

Why go with IBEx?

  1. Unique opportunity to help put the Bible into the hands of locals

  2. We meet a wide spectrum of needs

  3. Extensive range of mission fields to choose from

  4. Over 200 years of mission work experience

Missions, Our Heartbeat

Today, many around the world still do not have access to the Word or own a personal copy of the Bible due to the cost of Bibles or for other reasons. Join us on our Bible Mission Trips where you will distribute Bibles, minister to and bring encouragement to the local believers. Let us know if you have a specific skill or gifting that you would like to offer to the trip. Contribute to the fundraising efforts to help distribute Bibles too!

What We Offer

South-East Asia

There is a great need for more Bibles in South-East Asia, especially the Indochina countries!  Come join in the Bible Mission Trips to these countries & experience the joy of giving the Word of God to people who long to have the Bible.

China & South Asia

The most populous countries where the Bible needs are great, especially in the rural villages!  We organise trips to bring the Word of God to bless the peoples in these two great regions of Asia!

Customised Mission Trips

Let us come alongside your church to organise Bible Mission Trips to countries where the Word is neither easily available nor accessible.  Bring the Word to many who need a Bible!

Upcoming Trips

Click HERE for a copy of our Bible Mission Trip brochure to know more about our trips and read the testimonies from our past participants.


This is a short-term Bible Mission exposure trip to Yangon and Kalemyo where you will do community engagement, bible distribution and more to bless the locals.

Trip Details

7 - 14 March 2020

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Want to be a part of what God is doing in Vietnam? Join us to Ho Chi Minh for a short term Bible Mission Trip and show the love of God to a country with much need. There will be plenty of opportunities for you and your team to minister to the people and support them.

Trip Details

22 - 26 May 2020

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Join our short-term mission programme to Mongolia to experience the local Christian setting and to support the local ministry. On this trip, you will be involved in Bible distribution and other resources and visit local orphanage or church and conduct activities for them. It will be a good opportunity to exercise your faith and trust the Lord to bless others through you.

Trip Details

Jun 2020

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Join us on this Bible Mission Trip to Egypt. You will be involved in Bible distribution, summer activities with the children and youths, supporting and visiting local ministries and more.

Trip Details

Aug 2020

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I’ve been on many mission trips, but this is the first time I’ve put the Bible into somebody’s hands. You know they’ve been waiting for it and will treasure it.

Alan Chan
Yunnan, China 2012

I witnessed the hunger and need for the printed Word of God in Vietnam.  At each delivery point, we saw how the brothers and sisters treasured the Bibles. Some pastors had travelled hundreds of kilometres—most of them on their motorcycles—just to collect 50 to 100 Bibles for their congregation. Their zeal for God, and love for their flock makes me reflect, firstly, how we often take the availability of Bibles in Singapore for granted; and secondly, how little we treasure His Word in our hearts.

Lilian Tham
Vietnam 2015

I am grateful for the opportunity to join God in His work through Bible distribution.  This trip will have a long lasting impact on my life. I saw how God’s love for His people in Vietnam has transformed the lives of numerous believers and pre-believers. I also saw the heart of our God manifested in the numerous Christian leaders, and how they zealously bring God’s goodness to the people in Vietnam. There is still much work to be done in order to reach all the ethnic groups in the country.  Let us continue to pray for God’s Word to spread far and deep into the ends of the country!

Wayne Ng
Vietnam 2015

Serving as a Family

It allowed us to fellowship on spiritual matters. This made the Word of God come alive in our family.

Nanjing, China 2012

It was quite an eye-opener to see joy on the faces of the recipients when they held their first Bible!

Elnathan, 14 years old
Nanjing, China 2012

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