There are many ways you can help sow the Word and be a part of the Bible mission.
Come make a Difference. Join us in the Bible Mission!

Bibles for the Millions

Poor & Needy / Bible Distribution

Help the poor and needy believers in China receive the Living Word of God.

A $50 donation will fund the printing cost of 8 free Bibles for those in need in China

God's Word for Children

Youth & Children / Bible Distribution

Help tell the Ugandan Children that Jesus loves them.

Each $100 donation will provide 12 children in Uganda with Children’s Bibles.

Make a General Donation

Give to where it is needed most

Help give someone else the Bible and experience God.

$10 will help to place a Bible into the hands of someone else in need of it.

Scriptures in Sign Language

Deaf Ministry / Bible Literacy

Provide the deaf community in Nepal the chance to discover the Bible for themselves.

Each $50 donation will give 10 illiterate deaf people in Nepal with DVD/CD and Bible study materials

Bible Youth Engagement

Youth & Children / Bible Engagement

Give thousands of teenagers the chance to know and experience Jesus.

Each $50 donation will provide 35 teenagers in Egypt with Scripture and Bible-based materials.

Let Me Specify Where

Give to where you have a burden for

Let us know where or what cause you would like to give to.

You can make a difference.

Healing for the Traumatised

Women & Girls / Trauma Healing

Bring Bible-based healing and liberation for rescued victims of human trafficking.

Each $50 donation will help restore 1 girl victim in Guatemala through Bible-based trauma healing.

Myanmar Bible Translation

Bible Translation

Support our Bible translation project for minority ethnic groups in Myanmar to read the Word in their heart language.

A $100 donation will support 1 local translator in Myanmar for a week.

Literacy for Children

Youth & Children / Bible Literacy

Give Syrian & Iraqi refugee children hope for their future.

Each $100 donation will support 3 children in Lebanon with Bible literacy classes for a year.

Empowering Women

Women Empowerment / Bible Engagement

Give women the opportunity to live out their lives to the fullest through the message of the Bible.

A $80 donation will empower 10 women in Israel through Scripture materials.