There are many ways you can help sow the Word and be a part of the Bible mission.
Come make a Difference. Join us in the Bible Mission!

Care for the Homeless

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   COVID-19 Response

*URGENT APPEAL* Let us rally together to help the homeless seek refuge.

You can make a difference.

Care for Migrant Workers

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   COVID-19 Response

*NEW UPDATES AVAILABLE - click here to find out more* In solidarity, let us support our migrant workers with a meal and other essential items.

Each $100 donation will provide 50 migrant workers with a meal.

Make a General Donation

Give to where it is needed most

Help give someone else the Bible and experience God.

$10 will help to place a Bible into the hands of someone else in need of it.

Bible Youth Engagement

Youth & Children / Bible Engagement

Give thousands of teenagers the chance to know and experience Jesus.

Each $50 donation will provide 35 teenagers in Egypt with Scripture and Bible-based materials.

Bible-A-Month Club

Give to where it is needed most

You can help reach lives now!
Supporting the Bible mission is the sowing of seed through Scripture, directly sharing God’s life-changing Word.

A contribution of just $10 a month could change someone’s life.

Let Me Specify Where

Give to where you have a burden for

Let us know where or what cause you would like to give to.

You can make a difference.

Literacy for Children

Youth & Children / Bible Literacy

Give Syrian & Iraqi refugee children hope for their future.

Each $100 donation will support 3 children in Lebanon with Bible literacy classes for a year.

Myanmar Bible Translation

Bible Translation

Support our Bible translation project for minority ethnic groups in Myanmar to read the Word in their heart language.

A $100 donation will support 1 local translator in Myanmar for a week.

Bibles for the Millions

Poor & Needy / Bible Distribution

Help the poor and needy believers in China receive the Living Word of God.

A $50 donation will fund the printing cost of 8 free Bibles for those in need in China



Healing for the Traumatised

Women & Girls / Trauma Healing

Bring Bible-based healing and liberation for rescued victims of human trafficking.

Each $50 donation will help restore 1 girl victim in Guatemala through Bible-based trauma healing.

God's Word for Children

Youth & Children / Bible Distribution

Help tell the Ugandan Children that Jesus loves them.

Each $100 donation will provide 12 children in Uganda with Children’s Bibles.

Scriptures in Sign Language

Deaf Ministry / Bible Literacy

Provide the deaf community in Nepal the chance to discover the Bible for themselves.

Each $50 donation will give 10 illiterate deaf people in Nepal with DVD/CD and Bible study materials

Empowering Women

Women Empowerment / Bible Engagement

Give women the opportunity to live out their lives to the fullest through the message of the Bible.

A $80 donation will empower 10 women in Israel through Scripture materials.


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每一分钱, 支助道耕学院发展得更扎实;
每一份情, 祈祷道耕学院发展得更卓越!


Discipleship Training

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Sower Institute for Biblical Discipleship

Support the development of resources for discipleship training programmes to equip and train the body of Christ.

Your donation keeps SIBD online resources free for everyone.

Support DECLARE Readings

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Centre for Advocacy, Relations and Engagement

Help us spread the Word! Your gift enables us to defray costs for worldwide communities, including IT efficiency and communications.

You can make a difference.