Pray with Us — October 2022


Pray for the Colours of the Bible Art Competition & Exhibition that follows the theme of Healings in the Bible. Pray that the artworks will move people as they see God’s great love for us. Pray also for the team in the preparation and planning for the major event of GoForth- a year-long conference that inspires Christians to arise and fulfil the Great Commission- that will be held net year. 


Pray for Pakistan amidst severe flooding which has left a third of the country under water and a death toll of more than 1,100 people. Millions are affected. Pray for helpers to reach on time and to provide food, medicine and other necessities immediately for the survival of those affected.  Pray for the team that God will provide good health and guidance to complete the typesetting of Hindu Sindhi Bible and Muslim Sindi Bible on time, and for wisdom and enthusiasm for the proofreaders.


Pray for the Communication arm of BSV, that they will be more creative in content production so that the importance of the Bible will be communicated more effectively to the public. Pray for the provision of necessary media equipment. Pray for understanding of the interaction between the younger generation and the Bible so they can develop a better narrative of how the Bible can influence every aspect of life.