It was quite an eye-opener to see joy on the faces of the recipients when they held their first Bible!

Serving as a Family

It allowed us to fellowship on spiritual matters. This made the Word of God come alive in our family.

I am grateful for the opportunity to join God in His work through Bible distribution.  This trip will have a long lasting impact on my life. I saw how God’s love for His people in Vietnam has transformed the lives of numerous believers and pre-believers. I also saw the heart of our God manifested in the numerous Christian leaders, and how they zealously bring God’s goodness to the people in Vietnam.

There is still much work to be done in order to reach all the ethnic groups in the country.  Let us continue to pray for God’s Word to spread far and deep into the ends of the country!

I witnessed the hunger and need for the printed Word of God in Vietnam.  At each delivery point, we saw how the brothers and sisters treasured the Bibles. Some pastors had travelled hundreds of kilometres—most of them on their motorcycles—just to collect 50 to 100 Bibles for their congregation. Their zeal for God, and love for their flock makes me reflect, firstly, how we often take the availability of Bibles in Singapore for granted; and secondly, how little we treasure His Word in our hearts.

I’ve been on many mission trips, but this is the first time I’ve put the Bible into somebody’s hands. You know they’ve been waiting for it and will treasure it.