From Tribal Vietnam to Suburban America

A BRC supporter from Singapore moved to North Carolina, USA and requested a Jarai Bible for a church there. The Jarai is a fiercely independent, indigenous hill tribe in the highlands of Vietnam with their own written and spoken language. They were one of the earlier hill tribes in Southeast Asia to be evangelized to and convert to Christianity. The people committed over the years to reach out to their community in North Carolina with a small church in their language. The Jarai church in North Carolina is growing and they need the Bible in their heart language. This is particularly important as the older generations for these migrants find themselves totally homebound because of communication challenges. The BRC managed to help them find the Bibles and got send them to the States.

Ms Ler

Ms Ler is a regular patron of BRC, often purchasing Bibles and gospel booklets in order to give them away. She highlights important verses about salvation and prays for God to show her who to give them to. She’s been doing this for the last few years and she’s given away a few thousand copies of Bibles and gospel booklets to strangers to reach out to them with the Word of God.