WISE Programmes

Word Intake for Spiritual Edification (WISE) is a Bible listening programme developed by The Bible Society of Singapore to encourage the hearing of God’s Word regularly.

What is WISE?

WISE is a 40-day programme - produced in major languages and dialects on print as well as quality audio formats - to promote the intake of Scriptures through listening, reading, praying, and growing in spiritual edification.

It is a tool that helps pastors and leaders mobilise the church to encounter God's Word daily, for the spiritual growth of their members.


WISE encourages participants to listen to the Scriptures, which has been a key part of Christian life throughout history.

By receiving God's Word daily, He speaks to us deeply and personally, stirring us to respond to Him. When an entire church makes this daily commitment, participants can encourage one another during church-wide activities throughout the journey.

WISE Sample Pages

WISE Testimonies

A very pleasant surprise!

The (audio) programme was in short a very pleasant surprise – highly practical, manageable and convenient for a millennial as I. I went in with no expectations at all, took the liberty of extending the programme way beyond the 40 days just to complete it at my own pace, and emerged enriched and blessed with the many truths God revealed through His word. I might add that this would also be the first time completing the New Testament despite being a believer for over a decade.

Joy Yuen
WISE-NT 2015 Participant

A refreshing way to study God’s Word!

Reading through the bible was my 2014 new year resolution, but after one year, I found myself just completing the four gospels… so I was really glad when the church embarked on this WISE program as I managed to complete listening through the whole NT within 2 months! Unlike reading, I’m able to listen to the bible while driving and walking, thus maximising the pockets of time to achieve my goal. Interestingly, I picked up certain messages while listening that I didn’t when reading the same passage. I enjoyed it so much that I have proceeded to listen to the Old Testament and looks like I’m on my way to complete going through the bible this year! Highly encourage everyone to go through this program as it’s a refreshing way to study God’s Word!

Joyce Lim
WISE-NT 2015 Participant

Encourage spiritual discipline!

Here it is- What a great way to encourage spiritual discipline through this 40 days listening through the New Testament. Must confess that I took more than 40 days though! Listening with reading helps me to have better concentration on the Bible passages too! It gives a whole new dimension to the usual process of reading silently.

Eudora Tang
WISE-NT 2015 Participant

It gives me courage and strength...

By listening to the Audio Bible, I recall the verses that I had read before. It gives me courage and strength, and I would like to read more and grow. It also encourages me to learn more about God’s promises in His Word. The Word helps me to overcome problems. Now I am learning to humble myself and am willing to share God’s Word with others.

Maliga Allaigan
40-day listening programme participant

We also promote the usage of solar-powered audio players containing Scriptures in various languages and dialects.

These devices are proven to be exceptionally beneficial for the blind, migrant workers, non-readers, or people living in Third World countries as it breaks the barriers of language, culture, literacy, age and sight. The audio player is a useful tool that one can consider purchasing as part of mission or ministry efforts to spread the Good News all around.

Join us in supporting this mission - make a donation to sponsor a WISE Scripture listening programme at an average cost of S$200 per village in Asia in their local language.